Media & Public Relations

We can provide media and public relations services for all our clients. Whether you need a press release or media coaching, we are here to help.

With us, you can receive:

  • Media training to your organisation and staff
  • Inhouse PR expertise
  • Management of an ongoing media and PR campaign to promote or to protect your business interests.
  • The drafting & issuing of press releases on behalf of your company or organisation.
  • Introductions to media contacts that are relevant to your most pressing PR and business needs.
  • Audio visual content to support your media and PR campaign
  • High quality bespoke photography for PR & Media purposes
  • Additional PR collateral, such as dedicated websites, e-mails and domain names, needed to sustain PR campaign.
  • In-house social media expertise, that can either manage social media channels as part of PR campaign or provide training.